1-1 Hypnosis Play

In the beginning, we spend a little time getting to know each other and getting comfortable. It is essentialstart of session that you know that you can’t be made to do anything that is harmful to yourself or others and that you will be safe I with me. Reading the website carefully is a great preparation. (It is also a good way to show me that you take this seriously.)
We would then talk about how we plan to play together. This includes what you want to explore, physical and mental limits, turn-ons and turn-offs and of course, where I like to go. How we actually play is function of many
factors: our chemistry, our original plan and how well thehypnosis takes. I’ve had some good times where we had a strong mutual attraction, but the hypnosis went nowhere. I’ve had sessions where the subject came in hesitant about hypnosis and wanted clear limits on physical contact yet, under hypnosis he got incredibly turned on and really surprised himself.

Sometimes, the subject comes in with a detailed scenario and other times it can just be a more general desire to experience letting go of control more in sex. Hypnosis is ideal for different kinds of role-tensing relaxingplaying because you really believe that the scene is true. It is also great for relaxing that tense butt, or getting free of those feelings of sexual guilt. I have helped more than one bi-curious boy tap into his sexual fantasies.
Lately, at times I’ve been mixing personal growth issues with the hypnosis and the play. One guy wanted to develop more personal confidence. Another wanted to stop smoking. I gave him suggestions around the smoking when he was in trance and then set it up so that our sexual play reinforced this new improved non-smoking version of himself. He totally stopped smoking after the firstsession and hasn’t smoked since. We have had some booster sessions, however J

Going Into Trance

Once we are clear, we can begin the hypnosis. I often start with tensing and relaxing to get rid of the surface tension. Then i use what is called the modified Elman method. The first level is physical relaxation, where you can’t open your eyes and relax deeply in your body. The second level is mental relaxation. You have the opportunity to stop at any time, but no one has yet because it feels so good.

As you relax, memories, images, and feelings become more vivid and accessible. These can be used to very relaxedenhance a scene. For example, the feelings of being a boy can come up which could make a daddy/son scene feel very real. Or you could just find yourself feeling your body much more, feeling much more alive, and more aroused. We don’t have to go any deeper than this to have fun.

As the trance deepens, you might experience your hand help up by non-existent wire or even hypno-bondage, where you feel tied up and can’t move and the more you struggle the more turned on you get.


The following pages suggest ways to play. Of course each session is unique. Once the play starts, to an observer it could look like any other play session when two guys are incredibly turned on. You would be aware of everything and would remember it vividly. (Unless of course, your fantasy involves not remembering anything that happened.)sy01265_

Just like any kind of erotic play, the length of a hypnosis session can vary.  It could be a 15 min cam session, or a full evening in real time.  For 1-1 play sessions, I recommend planning  a couple of hours to give the chemistry time to develop and  even better if there is no required end time.