About Hypnosis

Hypnosis works through the power of suggestion.

You have all experienced the power of suggestion.. You can think of a hot sexual image or read a hot story and your cock gets hard as though it is happening to you right then. Hypnosis is just a technique for accessing that part of our minds that create the experience in our body. Therapists and stage hypnotists have used the power of suggestion for over 75 years.

There are different levels and only a few subjects go to the deepest levels on the first time. However you don’t have to go deep to experience it, get some benefits, and enjoy it erotically.

Hypnosis is safe.sit-sleep

All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. That means that you have to cooperate for it to happen. You cannot be made to do something that is physically harmful or against your own principles. You would either come out of the trance or just not respond to the suggestion.

It is a misconception that people can me made to do things against their will under hypnosis. If it were true, a hypnotist could make the subject go directly to his nearest ATM and withdraw large sums of cash for the hypnotist.   In fact, trance states are actually quite normal.  If you’ve ever lost hours while cruising or dancing, or almost missed a stop on the freeway, you’ve experienced a trance state.  See this Scientific American article about the misconceptions about hypnosis.

IMG_1167Erotic Hypnosis

A scene, such as bondage, daddy/boy, master/slave, is just another type of trance state or altered state of consciousness. Our experiences are genuine even though the situation isn’t real we can stop it at any time. They both need a sense of exploration and imagination. And of course they involve power and responsibility. The
top/hypnotist has to know the subject’s/bottom’s boundaries–like what not to do and the bottom has to feel trusting enough to give up control.


IMG_1177In the Kink scene, dog training has become very popular. Being limited in speech and movement can bring out the animal energies and take one out of their mind into a full sexuality and sensuality..