Exploring Sexual Fantasies — mp3

Do you have unexplored sexual fantasies?  Have you wondered what it would be like to live them out in real time?

Follow the steps below to experience a freeing, sensual, hypnotic trance for exploring your deepest, darkest fantasy.

Over the years, it has been used by straight, gay, bi-curious men going from mild to wild.  They have reported real insights, pleasurable feelings, and incredible orgasms.  And it has guided them toward safe steps of exploration.




1.  GIVE YOURSELF 20 MINUTES WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS: turn off your phone, TV,  messaging and beeps on your computer. Go to the bathroom if you feel any urge.

2. GET COMFORTABLE: Loosen your clothing or take it off. Lay in bed or sit comfortably.     You can gaze into the picture or close your eyes.

3.  BE OPEN TO THE EXPERIENCE.  Save all the questions for afterwards.  Let your thoughts come and go.  You can try to figure out what it all means later.

4.  NOW CLICK ON THE PICTURE to active the audio file.

I really appreciate getting feedback on this, even if it short or negative. And this will get you on the list for the next file: hypnodadny@aol.com