Resources This is a hypno networking website for men.  I’m HypnoDad  there.

Recon is a great fetish site for gay men. I was the first doing  erotic hypnosis there a good while ago. Now there are many.   Search on hyp and  hypno. I’m HypnoDad    This is Facebook for fetishes. Lots of information, groups, and  profiles. There is an active Hypnokink community.  The site  is  pansexual, so you have to look for the gay groups.

Mind Play by  Mark Wiseman is the best book I’ve read on Erotic Hypnosis.

Here is place to get that release that will help you sleep:   Erotic Mind-Control Stories [New] [MM] [Home]

If you are looking for someone with  an erotic hypnosis practice for gay men.  I can recommend:

Neil the Ertoic Hypnotist is based in NYC. We’ve done hypnosis shows together a while back.

Master Grog is based in the Portland OR area, and has a thriving zoom practice.