Resources   This is Facebook for fetishes. Lots of information, groups, and  profiles. There is an active Hypnokink community.  The site  is  pansexual, so you have to look for the  gay groups. This is a hypno networking website for men.  I’m HypnoDad  there.

Mind Play by  Mark Wiseman is the best book I’ve read on Erotic Hypnosis.

Hypnocon  is a yearly gathering of gay hypnotists.  I highly recommend this for eager subjects as well as this wanting to learn or practice erotic hypnosis.

Hypnosex is an excellent hypnosis discussion group of men, women, str8t and gay. It is a well monitored, spam free
Check out HypnoSubmission for erotic gay  hypnosis videos.

Here is place to get that release that will help you sleep:   Erotic Mind-Control Stories [New] [MM] [Home]

New York City

Most of the fetish nightlife in NYC has moved online, especially on  Recon.    Here are a couple of places where you can meet gay men into fetish in real time.   The NY Bondage Club meets every Sunday evening at  Paddles, a pansexual club that has specific nights for gay men.

MASTNYC — This is a group of guys in New York for exploring relationships involving power exchange. (e.g. Master/slave, Daddy/boy, Trainer/ pup…)   It is part of   MAST-National — the national pansexual umbrella.sy01265_