Suggestions that Turn You ON

Suggestions that Turn You ON

Many suggestions work well on stage and also in small groups.

As trance begins to work, the subjects find that they can’t open their eyes or that they can’t pull their clasped hands apart. It could lead to having their hands suspended (see the picture on top of the page) to being very ticklish or being stuck in their chair. My favorite is that the sound of my electric razor makesgmsma-turnonthem feel a vibrator in their groin moving exactly the way they like it. See the picture below. At a workshop, I found that this suggestions works even better with women. She had a full orgasm just as the guys were getting going.

Here are some suggestions that have worked well for me on stage, in a group, or in individual play:

“When you awake, your hands will be tied behind your back. You will try to get free, but no matter what happens, you can’t free your hands.”

“When you awake, your butt will feel very sore. You may scream when I hit you there because it hurts so much, but you know that you will have to endure it no matter how painful because you deserve it so much.”

“When you awake, you will feel and act like a dog. You will get extremely turned on when you are petted or when you can rub your head against my leg. . It will feel very natural to be on all fours. When you speak, it will always come out as dog sounds.”

“When I saBoys-And 020y ‘ good boy,” you will immediately feel a wave of satisfaction in your body and a smile will form on your face.”

“When you awake, any guilt or fear you feel around your sexuality will feel like a thing of the past. It very natural and so pleasurable to be touched.”“Whenever I ever I say ‘sleep now’ you will go into a deep trance state, just like the way you are now.”

“When you hear this sound you feel a vibrator on your crotch that is working perfectly to drive you into ecstasy.”


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